Our Story

The Powrsale story

How we were founded

Easy, transparent & trusted payment channel

Our goal is to empower a generation of entrepreneurs on the African continent who would be able to start online retail/eCommerce businesses with zero capital. A continent with most of it's citizens at the bottom needs solutions that empower them to grow.

At Powrsale, we believe the first step in achieving our goal is to make sure users can be able to trust doing business online.

In Ghana, social media is the biggest marketplace for most small businesses. It is also the biggest marketplace for fraudsters who pose as online sellers to demand upfront cash payments and run away with the money. Social media entrepreneurs and their customers need assurance and trust from each other to make buying and selling online efficient and safe. The entrepreneur needs to know that a buyer is serious and will pay upon delivery and the buyer, on the other hand, needs to trust that the products are real and the entrepreneur will actually deliver them and not run away with their money.