Our Features

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Our features

Here are our key highlighted features we provide to both buyers and sellers using our platform.

Incredible infrastructure

Our secured escrow infrastructure makes social commerce fast and simple for our users regardless of where the are located.

Email & SMS notifications

We provide users with constant updates on their transactions via Email & SMS notifications.

Simple dashboard

Powrsale provides a comprehensive dashboard that allows merchants to get insights on their customers.

API integration

We allow merchants to be able to connect our payment infrastructure to their existing websites.

Product posting automation

Automate product posting on all sites where you sell your products (ie. FB, IG, WhatsApp etc), attach your Powrsale link and receive all orders into your Powrsale.

Fraud Alerts

Our technology helps us track and identify potential fraudsters by looking at their past transactions online.

Buyers, online shoppers

Have confidence shopping online even from unknown and startup sellers without fear of loosing your money. Powrsale will hold your cash and only pay the seller when they deliver the product advertised. You can easily send a payment request to sellers that are not using powrsale for one-time transactions.

  • Free to register
  • Full fraud protection
  • 100% transparent
  • Multiple payment channels
  • Real-time spending overview
  • Share payment request

Entrepreneurs, startup/small merchants

You can easily drop ship products to customers allover the country knowing that the buyer's commitment is secured and guaranteed. No need to worry yourself with Cash-On-Delivery uncertainities. Don't worry yourself creating different payment accounts to broaden your customer pool we will handle that for you.

  • Customer commitment
  • Several payment channels
  • Web API integration
  • Nationwide coverage
  • Integrate with courier services
  • Unique payment link

Large merchants/businesses

Expand your business to get a global coverage by eliminating Cash-On-Delivery transactions. Get access to easy integration with several courier services to fulfill customer orders quickly. We don't just offer you a payment solution, we offer an exhaustive bouquet of services to boost your business.

  • Multiple payment channels
  • Web API integration
  • Automated accounting
  • Integrate with courier services
  • All inclusive dashboard
  • Request Features